The Soft Sell Mix (One Turntable + Loop Pedal + 45’s Live)

Now available in high quality mp3, Cut Chemist presents “The Soft Sell”..This is a live all 45 mix made with one turntable and a loop pedal. It was constructed for Red Bull’s 45 night on October 27 2008 in LA. This mix includes some cutting room floor ideas from “The Hard Sell,” DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist on 8 turntables and two loop pedals, plus elements from what would later be part of Cut’s one turntable/loop pedal live mix “Sound Of The Police”, which is out now. Enjoy!

Still don’t get the concept? For our visual learners here’s an example of what goes into a one turntable mix:

St. Louis: This Saturday see Cut Chemist perform Sound of the Police at the 2nd Annual World Beat Festival!