Cut Chemist and DJ Shadow recently wrapped up the first run of the record breakin’, history makin’ Renegades of Rhythm tour, where the two payed homage to Afrika Bambaataa by playing direct from his historical record collection on six turntables across North America.

When the tour hit the West Coast earlier this month, Cut Chemist dropped the exclusive, “Mix by Jimmy,” a collection of never before heard acetates and demo versions of the earliest Bambaataa works ever put down.  The ‘dead sea scrolls’ of hip hop, if you may.  Since then the mix has racked up over 50k listens and is now available to pre-order on vinyl via Boo-Hooray.


Pre-Order:  Zulu Rainin’ Hell (Mix By Jimmy) // Jimmy Jim Vinyl LP

“This is a definitive mix of the deepest part of the deepest music collection of our time.”
-Cut Chemist

Chemist :: Shadow :: Renegades of Rhythm :: The Afrika Bambaataa Collection (ADDED DATES)


Music fans are in for a once-in-a-lifetime experience when turntablists supreme DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist celebrate the legacy of Hip-Hop vanguard and Universal Zulu Nation founder, Afrika Bambaataa on their Renegades of Rhythm tour this fall.

“This has never been done before, definitely not on this scale. They’re HIS records, with his blessings. This isn’t just ANY copy of ‘X’ breakbeat, it’s THE copy, THE copy that started everything. Not just any records, the MASTER OF RECORDS’ records.”DJ Shadow.

Using only vinyl pulled from Bambaataa’s historic collection – over 40,000 strong and permanently archived at Cornell University – DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist aim to present Bambaataa’s legacy in all its genre-busting and socially-minded complexity. DJ Shadow states, “His collection includes not just Soul and Rap, but also Soca, Calypso, Dub, Salsa…it’s obvious that this music was important to him, and it’s reflected in his own music. For example, when the Soulsonic Force is singing an African chant, it actually comes from a Manu Dibango record. That’s when being a crate-digger comes in handy – you have to be able to pick up on the references and reiterate them.”

Sorting through the collection with this holistic aim in mind was daunting. “The first sort was to make sure we didn‘t leave anything important behind. We definitely over-pulled,” adds Cut Chemist. To help them narrow their selections, DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist focused on the appearance of the records themselves, “It was pretty clear what he played a lot and what he didn’t. The sure-shots were covered with tape and the jackets were beautifully tattered; that made it easier after a while to pull records.”

“The program will be multifaceted,” DJ Shadow explains. Bambaataa as artist, exploring the influence of his classics like ‘Planet Rock;’ Bambaataa as collector, and the genre-defining breaks he discovered; and Bambaataa as peacemaker and force for social change. He influenced an entire generation worldwide, so we feel a great obligation to get it right.”

Naturally, it was paramount to the two DJ’s that the tour have the full blessing and support of Afrika Bambaataa himself. “I call on all who love Hip-Hop to come out, see them, hear them,” says the Godfather. “My story is our history in DJing.”

The ROR tour will use six turntables and a variety of real-time effects. “It adds another performance level, real-time sampling from the record that’s being played,” says Cut Chemist. Visuals for the tour will be supplied by acclaimed video director, multimedia producer and regular Shadow collaborator Ben Stokes. The tour with be produced by Jamal Chalabi and Backlash Management.

The tour may be rooted in a historic vinyl collection, but both DJs are quick to point out that people should not come to this expecting strictly an ‘old-school‘ set. As DJ Shadow sums it up. DJ Shadow + Cut Chemist + Bambaataa’s records + his blessings: it’s going to be epic. That’s all you really need to know.” Or, as Afrika Bambaataa puts it, “DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist are going to blow your funky mind.”

Renegades Of Rhythm

Tour Dates


Reddit AMA with Cut Chemist & DJ Shadow


“What’s up?  You got Cut Chemist and Dj Shadow, two DJ’s for the price of one…Ask Us Anything!!”

Cut Chemist and DJ Shadow, were recently summoned for an AMA at reddit insight of there upcoming RENEGADES OF RHYTHM tour kicking off on September 1 called, in which the two pay homage to Afrika Bambaataa by utilizing his own record collection.  Read the Q&A from fans across the world wide web in the forum here:

 REDDIT AMA with Cut Chemist and DJ Shadow.

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