Cut Chemist presents FUNK OFF: Vox Populi! and Pacific231 Now Available on Vinyl (w/ Bonus 7″) + CD


Now Available on Vinyl (2LP) and CD, Cut Chemist presents FUNK OFF: Vox Populi! and Pacific231. Sold and shipped directly from the source, FUNK OFF is a definitive compilation of French minimal synth groups, Vox Populi! and Pacific231. Recently released only in Japan and digital formats, the material on this compilation has been the source for some of Cut’s most notable work including “The Storm” ft. Edan & Mr. Lif and his newest single “Work My Mind” ft.Chali 2na & Hymnal.  CD includes 14 page booklet with photos and liner notes by Cut Chemist.  Vinyl includes 12 page booklet and bonus 7″.


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Download: Work My Mind feat. Chali 2na & Hymnal


“Work My Mind” is the first single from the new EP featuring Chali 2na and Hymnal.  The song samples “Alternative Fresh” by Vox Populi! featured on Cut Chemist Presents FUNK OFF:  Vox Populi! and Pacific231.

“It’s a slightly new territory for me as it suggests the Golden Hip House Era of the late 80’s.”  Cut adds, “A dance track for sure and Chali kills it being exposed to the Chicago House scene back in the day.  He seen where I was headed, and nailed it!”


The EP will feature more collaborations with Edan, Mr. Lif, DNTL, Mumbles (Aceyalone’s “Book of Human Language” producer) and Gone Beyond.

Available Now: CUT CHEMIST presents FUNK OFF: Vox Populi! and Pacific 231 + Exclusive Mega Mix

TODAY marked the worldwide digital release of Cut Chemist presents FUNK OFF: Vox Populi! and Pacific231. FUNK OFF is a definitive compilation of French minimal synth groups, Vox Populi! and Pacific231.

We are so happy to share this incredible music by these two very influential bands. This project will be the beginning of the next phase that will end with the new Cut Chemist artist album later next year. Check out the trailer for this project by Tom Fitzgerald (Cut Chemist’s Live Visual Artist & Director of Edan’s Echo Party) and purchase the album below.


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Stay tuned for more exclusive material surrounding this project over the next few weeks!

Cut Chemist – Cuttin’ Class / Rare Equations

l_225375cuttin_classSchool is back in session, but it’s still Summertime so we’re cuttin’ class and hanging at the Stable like its ‘95 and Cut Chemist is in the mix. Originally released on cassette as “Rare Equations,” this mix features Cut finessing his way through a not so common lot of records recorded on a half-inch 8-track. Guest appearances include Jurassic 5, Biz Markie, Sway & King Tech and more.

You might be playing hooky, but take out your note pad because school is definitely in session. For the first time EVER on high quality mp3, Cut Chemist’s “Cuttin’ Class” is now open for enrollment…PLAY/DOWNLOAD NOW!

The Soft Sell Mix (One Turntable + Loop Pedal + 45’s Live)

Now available in high quality mp3, Cut Chemist presents “The Soft Sell”..This is a live all 45 mix made with one turntable and a loop pedal. It was constructed for Red Bull’s 45 night on October 27 2008 in LA. This mix includes some cutting room floor ideas from “The Hard Sell,” DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist on 8 turntables and two loop pedals, plus elements from what would later be part of Cut’s one turntable/loop pedal live mix “Sound Of The Police”, which is out now. Enjoy!

Still don’t get the concept? For our visual learners here’s an example of what goes into a one turntable mix:

St. Louis: This Saturday see Cut Chemist perform Sound of the Police at the 2nd Annual World Beat Festival!

Hip Hop Lives (1985-1996)

Disco might be Dead, but Hip Hop Lives(1985-1996)!  Haven’t you heard, Jurassic 5 is on tour?  Class is in session as the Cut gives an encyclopedic lesson on Hip Hop’s ‘Golden Age’ covering the ’85-’96 era.  Now available for the first time in high quality MP3, ‘Hip Hop Lives’ was recorded live for Adam 12s Afex night in 2008. Afex was one of LAs most prominent conceptual hip hop nights, covering the era from early eighties to mid nineties.